Touch Taxi TV!

How will the tourist interaction with mobile advertising in taxis look like? We have created it and we will develop its future!

Customer requirements:

Creating a mobile kiosk infrastructure

Product description

Our system of mobile Infokiosk with dedicated MDM has been implemented in all major taxi companies in Switzerland, including Zurich, Bassel. Facilitates users with access to: tourist information, flight information, news from the newspaper, weather information, tourist attractions. In addition, the passenger can use the mobile hotspot, take a souvenir photo and receive it on his e-mail. Tourists have the opportunity to receive promotions and coupons for restaurants, shops and tourist attractions. A mobile public information system extended by MDM functionality for a Swiss client of Infotainment AG. The system meets the OWASP TOP10 safety standards.

The most important functions of the system:

  • Dynamic distribution of advertising content between individual tablets depending on the location.
  • Collecting, analyzing and advanced online data processing for analytical and statistical purposes
  • Detailed view of the user's activity (views, time spent on individual ads, link hotline research)
  • Exporting data to popular formats
  • The ability to view and manage the campaign for advertisers
  • Remote kiosk management (MDM) executing commands and system control along with the ability to track the device.

Touch Taxi TV


  • Our implementation turned out to be one of the first in Europe mobile advertising platforms.
  • The system was created in 12 months and its implementation lasted two months.
  • The success brought by the client resulted in the development of the system for new cities.
  • And for us, cooperation with new clients, including Thai Airways, Yallo, Inter Discount.

Used technologies:

PHP, Java, Pyton, JavaScript (jQuery, React Native, ReactJS) HTML5, CSS3