The original store platform was created based on many years of experience in the e-commerce market. When designing it, we relied on our knowledge gained upon creating and implementing various store solutions, which allowed us to create a tool that can be adapted to any requirements. By choosing a proven store platform, you will save valuable time and money.

Freedom of configuration

The platform allows for the connection of any payment system, delivery method or a modification of the purchase process. In addition, the store supports extensive view configuration and expansion. When adding new items only your imagination is the limit with our advanced systems of dynamic filters, variants and attributes.

Functionality is key

The store has been equipped with the functionality of a warehouse, which allows you to have full control over the quantity and condition of goods. Moreover, thanks to the content management system (CMS), you can easily create and edit the contents of your store. Our platform gives you full control over your business.

The platform has a number of advanced features:

  • possibility of connecting to any payment system
  • possibility of connecting to any delivery method
  • ability to modify the purchase process
  • possibility of creating any configuration and extending the view
  • dynamic filter system
  • extended system of variants and attributes
  • built-in warehouse
  • CMS system