The best way to recruit employees!

Outsourcing of IT services (also called body-leasing) is now a very popular way to acquire specialists to work on their projects. Each IT project is different, which is why everyone can require different competences. Outsourcing allows you to use the skills of the best specialists in specific fields, which in turn ensures efficiency and high quality of the work done.

General benefits of IT Outsourcing

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Minimizing recruitment and employment costs - bodyleasing allows companies to work only with those professionals who are needed at a given moment, with a specific project. Thanks to this, enterprises can focus on the process and its results, without incurring high costs of recruitment and employment.

Minimizing the costs of IT courses - the company can give up a significant part of IT training because it is up to us as a service provider to follow the latest technologies and trends. Therefore, you receive effective and modern solutions without having to invest in expanding employee knowledge in the field of projects taken over by outsourcing.

Saving time -recruitment is often a very long process. The use of outsourcing significantly reduces the implementation time of new projects. This is because we are offering you experts who can perform specific actions. Another big advantage of using outsourcing is the lack of the need to verify the knowledge of specialists. We perfectly know who we work with - we recommend people to work, not training.

How do we value our projects?

We always choose a fair and transparent form of settlement with the client - in such a way that he perfectly knows where each part of his budget goes. Each quote is individually tailored to the customer. The following factors have an impact:

  • work time
  • the complexity of the project
  • technologies used
  • number of employees
  • licenses for using programs, graphic materials, etc.
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Knowledge and experience

We can say with full conviction that we have extensive knowledge, acquired over years of industry experience. mDevelopers was founded by people with passion and experience in the implementation of commercial projects. These experiences allow us to easily recognize who has sufficient skills.

Professionalism to the limit is not our goal - it's our everyday life.