Today's technologies offer great opportunities

According to mDevelopers, development is above all creativity, modernity and innovation. We specialize in the IT industry in various technologies. Many years of experience has resulted in the creation of proprietary, modular software that allows you to run, for example, booking systems, online stores or blogs.

We have worked both for clients with very specific requirements and for those who have just created an action plan. We are able to meet even the most precise expectations, we also like new challenges. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our projects and to tell us about your vision.

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Open framework based on JavaScript, supported and sponsored by Google, supporting the creation and development of web applications on a single page. The library's task is to implement the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern for web applications to facilitate their development and testing.


A JavaScript programming language library that is used to create graphical interfaces of web applications. It was officially released by Facebook at the end of May 2013 and so far is one of the most popular libraries to build a user interface.


Programming platform developed by Microsoft, including the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and class libraries that provide standard functionality for the application. The task of the .NET platform is to manage various elements of the system: application code, memory and security.


Application platform for building web applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern based on ASP.NET technology. The most important features of the ASP.NET MVC application platform include: the use of the ASP.NET engine allowing the use of many infrastructure components offered by this platform. The API of the platform is strongly based on interfaces, allowing for easy expansion, creating and testing of individual components. A flexible Uniform Resource Locator address mapping mechanism that allows you to easily build applications using the REST pattern, using a user-friendly URL structure. This mechanism is also more SEO friendly.


Framework with expressive and elegant syntax. It provides typical functionalities that are used on a daily basis when creating Internet projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching. It is a great set of tools for building large and solid applications. The expressive migration system and strictly integrated testing are the tools needed to build even the most advanced projects.