You come up with an idea, we act!

We are a company that will help you achieve your goals. Our trademark is a heavy focus on the customer, which has assured a strong position of our brand on the market. Our rapid development resulted in the fact that today we can be proud of several teams of experienced programmers.

We have a broader vision

Our managers and consultants come from various fields, which enables us to understand your business needs thoroughly. In combination with a well-developed and modern technological background, we can provide expert services at the highest level.

We are looking for new solutions, think out of the box, reach for modern technologies and try to be one step ahead. The dynamic development allows us to improve and constantly develop our solutions, so as not only to meet, but also exceed your expectations.

We serve the small and the quite large

Our clients include inspiring start-ups, medium and experienced companies, global corporations as well as public administration institutions. Thanks to the cooperation with existing business partners, we have broadened our horizons to the industries such as financial services, education, trade and sales, health care and automotive.

Ministersto Finansów

We facilitate, improve and enable

We specialize in creating information systems in various technologies. We have developed a modular software that is the basis for the construction of CRM systems, reservation systems, sales platforms, web portals and many others.

The software we create solves many of our clients' problems, enables sales, reduces costs, increases revenues and improves productivity.

Working with Mobile Management you gain:

Support of our programmers

of our programmers


Guarantee on the code
created by us

Consultancy on the selection of appropriate technology

Consultancy on the selection of appropriate technology

Confidentiality agreement (NDA)

agreement (NDA)

Outsourcing – a smart choice!

Employing new programmers for a short period of time generates unnecessary costs related to the recruitment process and training. The solution is outsourcing with Mobile Management, which will help you optimize expenses.

We take over all issues related to programming tasks. We deal with analysis, tests, graphics and even contact with a client.

We are available every weekday and we are always ready to help. By leasing our programmers, you do not have to worry about the competences of the person you entrust the project to. We guarantee cooperation with professionals who can overcome problems encountered during programming.

We will happily dispel your doubts and talk about potential cooperation. You can contact us using the contact form, phone call, Skype or e-mail.